Hungary: let it be an unforgettable experience as soon as you have landed

When you arrive you are both tired and excited and you long for nothing else but getting to your place of accommodation quickly, comfortably and at the best price, available. Like anywhere in the world there are several options for you: airport shuttle, taxi, public transport (bus or train) but in Hungary there is us.

Yes, it is us, who do our best for you to get you to your place of accommodation in perfect comfort and as fast as possible.

We are meeting you in the transit hall.

Imagine when you leave the transit hall, our driver is waiting for you. You should not take a taxi, stand in line at the bus stop or look for the station to get on a train.

Of course, you needn’t do any of these because you can have your own driver.

We are going to fetch you in the car you have requested (or a vehicle of the same category), the fare of the journey will amount to the sum fixed in advance. Our drivers are polite and helpful, the vehichles are clean and comfortable so that you could enjoy your staying here from the very first moment.

It would be sufficient to opt for your comfort, peace and safety instead of making use of the sometimes unreliablable train, bus or taxi service. However, we will tell you how we can provide a service more than that so keep reading


Because for you…

the most important thing is that the fare of your journey with us is fixed totalling as much as agreed in advance. Nothing can result in asking for more by even a single euro cent. There are no hidden charges, no extra mileage or minute tariff due to heavy traffic (contrary to taxis), the vehicle can be heated or airconditoned upon your liking and no matter how much time you are going to spend in the car: the agreed fare will not increase.

Now, we are going to let you know step by step how we operate if you rely on us

We keep track of your flight so that we could be informed about the exact time of your arrival. No problem if your flight is delayed or touches ground earlier than the scheduled time, we will be there for 100% sure. Should your flight be cancelled or land somewhere else we will be informed as well and we will start immediately looking for you, however, you can contact us on the hotline, too.


Our drivers do not smoke and smoking is not allowed in our vehicles but we understand you if you happen to be a smoker. So you can light a cigarette or do anything else that pleases you before we set off. Take your time, you needn’t worry we stand by and wait.

Wifi is available in each vehicle to enable our passengers to send a message about their arriving safe and sound at their destination. It goes without saying this service is also included in the price. While travelling you will have the opportunity to help yourself with a bottle of minaral water. Needless to say that our fleet of cars are always clean and run in perfect technical and aesthetical condition.


Should you have too many suitcases it cannot be a problem, either. Just please let us know beforehand and we will arrange them in a way that you could be seated comfortably.


The driver speaks English. We assure you that he is a well-groomed, pleasant person having remarkable driving routine. He will drive you safely and assist you in every respect. (We pay special attention to the manner since he may be the first Hungarian you are going to meet).

When you arrive at the hotel, the driver will lend you a helping hand. Although English is spoken in every hotel it is good if you have someone who speaks Hungarian, too. Our driver may accompany you to the hotel if it is possible and will say goodbye to you only when everything is fine.

We wish your first trip proved to be a perfect one

Our prices

We operate at the lowest possible, the most reasonable, and strictly fixed prices: 

32 EUR (9,000 HUF) in the case of 1 – 3 passengers. You can pay this amount by cash or credit card. (Either in EUR or HUF).
There are districts that are to be found guite far from the airport (it’s a long way to go, you can check it in the map): these are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 22nd districts in Budapest. In this case the tariff is 38 EUR (10,400 HUF) provided the number of passengers is between 1 – 3 persons.

If there are more (at least 4 – maximum 8) of you we will place a bigger car at your disposal. In this case the tariff is 42 EUR (11,500 HUF).

Journeys to farther districts as mentioned above cost 47 EUR (13,000 HUF).

It is highly recommended to ensure your return journey as well. Please inform us when you would like to leave then we will pick you up in the hotel exactly at the requested time e.g. we may be there earlier just in case. Then you are granted considerable allowances. See it for yourself:

SAVE YOUR MONEY. We appreciate your confidence, so our RETOUR tariffs are lower:

58 EUR (16,800 HUF) in the case of 1 – 3 passengers but 67 EUR to/from the far-off districts (19,000 HUF)

74 EUR (21,100 HUF) in the case of 4 – 8 passengers but 80 EUR (23,000 HUF) to/from the far-off districts.

When can we expect you and where can we take you? Click here and let us know

Outside Budapest

If your hotel is located outside Budapest we would gladly take you there. In this case you are kindly requested to ask for a tailored offer.

A hét minden napján a nap 24 órájában (éjjel és nappal) a rendelkezésedre állunk, és a szolgáltatásunk ára nem változik, akkor sem, ha hajnalban, vagy éjjel érkezel.

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Our goal is that you can enjoy every moment you are spending with us. To realize this we will provide you with a perfect service. You have nothing else to do but contact us and leave everything to us.

If you feel like talking to us:

Hotline: +36 30 6930 759 (we speak English)

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